Scitex/Creo Eversmart series scanners are phenomenal SCSI scanners but depending on the version of the scanner you have, you may not be able to upgrade to the Oxygen Scan software that provides ability to scan in 16 BIT RAW. If you have Jazz, Eversmart or Eversmart PRO version of the scanners, you’ll be limited to Eversmart Scan software on Mac OS 9.2. I have this combination myself and after many hours of extensive testing, I have found the best settings for scanning Color Negative film.

Installing Scanner Profile and AdobeRGB ColorSpace

1st Step is to make sure that have correctly installed the Transparent Scanning ES Pro scanner profile “TR ES ProII.icc” profile in ColorSync. To install this profile, simply copy and paste the TR ES ProII.icc file from the Eversmart Scan folder to the System Folder -> ColorSync Profiles folder.

See screenshots below as reference.

Setting up Eversmart Scan Settings

Once the profiles have been installed, select them from the scanner Setup Dialog window while scanning. See screenshot below as reference.

Also, I find the below settings for the End Points produce best scans that are very compatible with ColorPerfect plugin.

As you can note in the screenshot, I have mine saved as Portra_ES_Test so I can easily select this setting for all of my scans from the main Setup Dialog window. Make sure that Graduation is set to Default and Sharpness has been turned off. Once you have these settings, scan and save your Tiff file.

Make sure you also do the following in PhotoShop before starting to work on your scan.

  • Convert the file to 16 BIT
  • Convert to ProPhoto RGB (Optional)
  • Go through the normal ColorPerfect plugin steps 🙂

Eversmart Pro Sample Scans

Here are some sample scans made with this process.

Doolin Village, Ireland

Corcomroe Abbey, Ireland

Palm Tree

Coconut Trees