About Us

Our goal is to document lessons learned through our journey of discovering photography, with a specific focus on film. There’s a certain magic when working with film, from the curiosity of how the shots turned out, to the chemistry, working with your hands, the rush you get from the first glimpse of your film after finishing development. And the quality. Wow, words cannot describe the dynamic range, resolution, and tones achieved in film.

A hybrid workflow that includes analog and digital is not necessarily easy to jump into given the complexities when working in a new medium. Newcomers are inundated with questions like, “what film do I buy?”, “how do I develop my film in my apt?”, and “what tools do I need?”, and it can get even more complex when you have complete control of the workflow from development through scanning. We have spent considerable amount of time working through these details and want to share as much as possible, particularly as we are still “students” of this art form and appreciate guidance from others who are seasoned.

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